Eri Motohashi was born on the 6th of August in 1984 and grew up in Tokyo, Japan.

She has been painting endlessly since her childhood. Her favorite subjects were art and crafts. She had longed to live overseas while dreaming of being a painter.


Motohashi graduated Tokyo Designer Gakuin in 2005. She used to draw cartoon characters however, somehow she painted a lady and found how fascinating it is. Since then, she started to face paint and she is now painting using her fingers as a brush. She feels that by directly touching her artwork, her soul goes straight into the canvas. That is the reason why she uses her fingers as a brush. She feels that she can connect  with her art.

















Seeing people through her eyes, there are many different stories you can see.

Find out how beautiful it is being themselves. A person’s beauty comes from within.

This is what she wants to show through her art with colors and passion. You can feel the love from her artwork even if it doesn't have words. Each portrait has feelings and they exist for the moment.


Art always inspires her to be who she is and it reminds her how much she is in love with it. She wants people to get closer to art more and hope it will be a part of their life.

And she believes that she can give people happiness and ambition the same way she gets it from art.

© 2015 by ERI MOTOHASHI 

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